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Noticeable drop in traffic

  1. 500 to 600 visitors a day and that is a complaint? V.V Just rejoice in the fact that after a 300 visitor drop you are still being hit like a bating range.

  2. I'm jelly.

  3. All I can say is so far today 20 people have read my "About" page. I mean, this was published in 2010 and gets about 3 readers a day, but to all of a sudden jump to 20? And I have no idea why! Hopefully it means we have new sympathisers!

    Other than that, I have noticed Sitemeter is higher than WP stats for about the first time ever this week - usually WP is about 10% higher than Sitemeter for me. But I can't say overall I've seen any big drop at all.

  4. readytochangenow

    @teamoyeniyi - I had something similar happen last week - out of the blue 40 people viewed my first post, I have idea had been soundly ignored since I started.

  5. How strange - perhaps in both cases someone read it and then emailed a link or something. My About page does get regularly read - I guess people want to get the "who are they" stuff.

  6. I strongly advise you guys (and gals) to start using STUMBLE UPON to spread the word about your blogs.
    I've started recently and my daily average rose from 50 hits, to 90 and 144 last month, with peaks of 370 hits on a single day.

    And it's just a photo blog, with no text.

  7. You're stumbling your own stuff?

    Do you know what they do to people who do that?

    oooooh, you are in for it.

  8. Hope they don't kill me... ;-)

  9. Mine took a dip over the last few days as well... maybe that's why. Its good to know im not alone lol

  10. Jkscartena is right. Whenever I share my stuff to tumble, hoards of people are referred to my blog. It's a great referrer indeed better than facebook or twitter to me.

  11. @jkscatena
    Technically you can stumble your own posts from time to time but not frequently. If you start up doing this frequently you will risk being either ghost banned or actually banned. Likewise if you tend to stumble posts on the same sites repeatedly.

    Occasionally submit your own content or have a friend submit it for you, but in moderation.

    Stumbleupon is meant to be used to discover and share new sites. It's not meant to be used by groups of friends who keep giving thumbs up to every post that's published on the same sites over and over again. It's not meant to be used by yourself to promote your own site(s) wither. All activity on the site and by use of the toolbar is tracked. Please see here. >

  12. Hi TT, I stumbled four posts of mine in a short interval of time. Can this affect my blog? or just stumble account?

  13. It will affect your Stumble account and thus when they make your stumbles invisible, your hits will go down.

  14. Thanx.

  15. My site traffic is quite low these days. It's even below the average. Have anyone else noticed this?

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