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NotIcons.css for blog visitors?

  1. How about including NotIcons.css in a way that unregistered users/visitors can see the icons as well?

    I've made a test with NotIcons.css and noticed you can only see them, when you're logged in at

    Wouldn't it be fun if we could play around with the icons in our posts/blogs? I don't know if this is desired at all but if yes, how about adding more helpful icons.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know what you mean because anyone can use the sharing buttons on our blogs. They don't need to be members.

  3. Hi timethief,

    it's not the social icons I had in mind. I was talking about all the nice arrows for example. Or what about the category/tag icons. We could use them to pimp our links to categories/tags in our blog posts. I'm just brainstorming. ;)

    There are for sure a lot of possible uses I'm currently not thinking about. In the end it's just an idea.


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