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    please help… in settings under discussion there is no validation box to tick that notification emails be sent to followers… none of my followers receive any email notifications about any comment replies… even if they have requested through their own follow blog or follow comments… no notifications are being sent to them except New posts I make… these are being received… “new comment” notifications are sent to my email & that is all..

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s not the place to look for what you describe.

    You can set up email subscriptions by using this guide >

    If you would like a follow button to appear on the bottom right hand corner of your site for those who do not have accounts see here. Dashboard > Settings > Reading
    Follower Settings
    These settings change emails sent from your blog to followers.
    Logged out users __ Show follow button to logged out users.

    Checking this will present a follow button to logged out users in the bottom corner of their screen.

    Find Friends Who Use WordPress >

    You can customize the contact form with multiple fields, change the email address where you’ll be notified, and mark feedbacks as spam from your dashboard.

    See also Inviting Contributors, Followers, and Viewers
    Note: As a spammer prevention you are limited to sending out 10 invitations at one point in time.



    one of my followers receive any email notifications about any comment replies.


    You must be logged the logged in Admin of the blog who registered it then > go to >
    Dashboard > Settings > Discussion
    scroll down to:
    Follow Comments
    __ Show a ‘follow comments” option in the comment form
    Follow Blog
    __Show a ‘follow blog’ option in the comment form
    “save changes”

    Your subscribers control delivery frequency when it comes to receiving your posts and when it comes to receiving comments on posts.!/settings/subs-delivery/
    If they wish to be notified of every comment received on a post they can checkmark the comment notifications box on any post.

    There are two types of comment notifications:
    1. A plain text email with the comment’s email address. This is sent to you if you are the blog owner and chose to be notified of new comments.

    2. An HTML email is sent to you if you chose to subscribe to the particular comment thread on a particular blog post on another blogger’s blog. Note: There will be also be an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.



    thanks for your help, I I have followed all these instructions & created a new email address… applied as a follower through the the bottom right hand box that says follow.. this generates an email that confirms subscription… so on placing a blog post -a comment on a page as administrator this does not send immediately to the follower I created… even though I have set the subscription to receive immediate notifications… this is now several hours ago.. it just doesn’t seem to work… is there anything else I can do I don’t think I have missed anything from what you advised… but clearly followers are receiving notification subscription, new posts written by me & that is all..



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    thank you ever so much



    I’m concerned that you are not clear that there are two things going on here. There is no mass mail-out feature whereby a follower can click once and get all Comments on all Posts.

    1. You set up the ability for followers to subscribe to Posts. They take the required action to subscribe to Posts.

    2. You set up the ability for followers to subscribe toComments. They take the required action to subscribe to Comments on the individual Posts, one post at a time, that they want to receive all Comments from.



    OOPS! I messed up the bold lettering above. Sorry.



    Ok that’s all cool I do get that but if someone subscribes to follow the blog my understanding is that they get everything that’s added by any contributor as an notification . in clicking on the follow blog box in the right hand bottom corner the subscription notification says that it will send an email each time a post is made… I know this is the case as I follow another wordpress blog where this happens & I get notifications whenever a contributor posts a comment reply to page or post I get email notification on it all… this is what I assumed the system would do.. does it not do that ?



    If we do not click the link to receive comments made on any individual post at the bottom of each individual post then we do not receive the comments on that post.

    P.S. If subscribing to a blog to receive Posts also meant the by default I would receive every Comment made on every post in the blog, then I would immediately unsubscribe from every one of the blogs I follow.



    oky doky I am misunderstanding here… I see what you are saying but surely it makes the notion of following a blog – null & void as there would be no point in clicking to follow a blog if we could simply choose to follow each comment thread or post by clicking on each individual notification of each one every time.. anyway… besides, I know this is not the case in my own following of another wordpress blog where I do get notification of every comment made.. it comes by email notification.. & began immediately I clicked to follow that blog… so I am much confused.. sorry..

    & I don’t even think in my case notification emails of comments & posts are being sent when the notification boxes are the bottom of the comment reply boxes literally nothing gets sent to followers except my original post… I will double check this is the case.. with my test email…

    thanks tho its good to get to the bottom of it..



    Ok yes the notification tick boxes at the bottom of the reply comments are working… thanks for that but.. just to clarify my other point about blog following:

    here is the info from the dash board drop down on the left about the blogs I have signed up to follow & what comes to me by email notifications from them…

    Edit Blogs I Follow
    Follow Delivery Settings
    Import Export
    6 blogs
    Date FollowedAlphabetical

    Rooftops & Rafters
    You get instant post and instant comment emails for this blog EDIT

    You get no post and no comment emails for this blog EDIT

    Defending. Contending.
    You get instant post and instant comment emails for this blog EDIT

    You get no post and no comment emails for this blog EDIT

    M’kayla’s Korner
    You get instant post and instant comment emails for this blog EDIT News
    You get no post and no comment emails for this blog EDIT

    all I want to know is how do my followers get “instant comment” for themselves because this is not happening for my my blog & I would really like it to . I cannot for the life of me how to work this out…?

    thanks for your help



    Hi zazzymacavoy,

    Your readers decide if they wish to follow your blog via email or via They can set their default notification settings here:!/settings/subs-delivery/

    As you noted, each reader can decide whether or not to subscribe to posts or comment updates. This is up to the reader and cannot be overridden by the blog owner.



    thank you I have advised my followers to create a wordpress account & access their settings from their own dashboard as simply clicking on FOLLOW THIS BLOG doesn’t give the required info for people to be able to choose their settings for notification & doesnt automatically send emails to people who think they have signed up to follow the blog… prob is – how do people “know” they are entitled to receive something that is not been sent to them in the words of one of my followers — wordpress is a mess… sadly I agree…

    thanks for all your help – this is now resolved..

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