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  1. All of a sudden I'm getting notification in the toolbar of a new comment whenever I (myself) respond to someone making a comment at my blog
    Is this a new twist (glitch?) from WP, or did I accidentally change a setting. I'm finding it highly annoying.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's odd. Thanks for letting us know. I have flagged this thread so Staff are aware of this and will respond to it.

  3. Thanks... (that was quick) ;)

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I'll investigate this issue and get back to you.

  5. Thanks for checking into it. It's still doing it. Kind of bizarre.... my comments are popping up with a generic Gravatar if that makes any particular difference.

  6. Yes, I noticed the Gravatar difference too. We're looking into it and I'll keep you posted.

  7. Could you please double-check that you're logged into your account when you're commenting on your own site? If you're accidentally commenting while logged out that would explain what's happening. Thanks!

  8. I thought of that and logged in and out several times. Didn't make a difference seemingly. It's letting me do everything else (leave comments elsewhere with my usual Gravatar and everything else (like add new posts, etc.)

    But I'd be happy to try logging out and back in again.

  9. One other thing you can try is clearing your browser's cache and cookies:

    Let me know how it goes.

  10. I need to head out to an appointment pretty quick. I'll try it later this evening and get back to you. Thanks for help and advice!

  11. OK, good luck!

  12. How best to contact you for thanks (at success) or need of further assistance? Post here or elsewhere?

  13. Just post back here and I'll see it. :-)

  14. Cleaned out cache and cookies and logged back in (apparently those actions logged me out)......
    so now, I try to answer a comment and it thinks I'm a new commenter... asking me for email address and url
    I attempted to comment without filling in the above blanks.... resulting in a generic Gravatar, but wanting approval
    So, then I filled the blanks in with my email, name, url and I'm back to the same old problem.
    Any further suggestions?

  15. ps... the bizarre part of this (IMHO) is that my response to a reader's comment shows my normal Gravatar on my blog just fine....... but there's that weird business of the generic Gravatar in the notifications popup.

  16. Something else that's been happening is an increase in WP pages becoming "unresponsive" lately. I mention it because it just happened again a few minutes ago. Haven't noticed it with any other sites.

  17. Suddenly the weird comment echoes seem to have quit. Did you do something or did I need to reboot since cleaning out cache and cookies? Seems the last "unresponsive" error message forced me to do the reboot. I didn't think to do it on my own. Either way.... thank you for the apparent fix.

  18. Hi there - we haven't changed anything at this end, and normally a reboot isn't necessary after clearing cache and cookies. Glad to hear the issue seems to have gone away, though!

    If the problem comes back, I suggest trying a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, to completely rule out a browser issue.

  19. Thanks, but I am using Chrome.... Hopefully it doesn't come back because I really don't want to switch.

  20. The purpose of switching browsers temporarily would only be to rule out a browser-specific issue and allow us to troubleshoot futher. Hopefully it won't be necessary. :-)

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