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Notification icon never stops notifying

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that our team is still looking into this issue. We haven't been able to resolve it yet, but we are working on it!

  2. Thank you. Recently it has only been notifying about the same thing 2-3 times. After I click the same notification 2-3 times, it stops - until there is a new notification. Previously it just wouldnt stop notifying no matter how many times I clicked it.

  3. My orange notifications icon stopped working a couple of days ago. This happened for several weeks at a time last year, but resolved itself. I do miss the notifications--they are very convenient.

  4. Hi there, I just want to let you know that we are still working on tracking down this notifications issue. It's a tricky one, and we appreciate your patience while we sort it out!

  5. It appears to be working fine again. Thanks!

  6. Hi

    An update: the bug persists but I have found a way around it. Perhaps this will add some clarity to the nature of this problem.

    If I click the newest notification twice in a row then it stops notifying again. I click the icon, then the newest notification and then click outside of the notification list. The icon is now grey but I have to click it again and click the notification again. Then I can go to another page without it lighting up again.

    And when there is a new notification, I have to click it twice in a row again or it just keeps notifying forever.

  7. @aditix - Thanks for the update. Our team has been trying some new fixes for this issue. If you can answer a couple more questions just to clarify what happens for you, that it would really help:

    • If you clear the notification (so the icon is grey) and then wait about 30 seconds before going to a new page, does the icon still light up again?
    • If the icon lights up again and you wait about 30 seconds, does it go away again?


  8. I will be happy to answer the questions as soon as I get a new notification. I usually get them right after I publish a new post, with little in between.

    Happy weekend :-)

  9. If I wait 30 seconds after I clicked the notification and then go to another page then the icon does NOT light up again.

    But is has to be at least 30 seconds or more (I was a couple of seconds short once and it did light up again that time).

  10. @aditix - Thanks for checking that for me. This has to do with how the notifications are synced across our data centers — it can take a little time for the icon to reset after you've read all of your notifications. We're checking to see if we can speed this up, but we don't have a set timeline for that change. Thanks for all of your feedback on this issue!

  11. I have the same issue for every single one of my blogs on all browsers, all computers, regardless of cookies and cache clearing.

  12. @krudyard - Can you answer these questions for me?

    • If you clear the notification (so the icon is grey) and then wait about 30 seconds before going to a new page, does the icon still light up again?
    • If the icon lights up again and you wait about 30 seconds, does it go away again?

    If the icon goes away when you wait about 30 seconds, that has to do with how the notifications are synced across our data centers. If it persists even after waiting, there may be something else going on and I'd be happy to look into that for you!

  13. It doesn't seem to matter how long I leave it (hours/days) or which computer I'm at, the notification still shows up for something I've already seen.

  14. Hi drifting - Is it the same exact notification constantly, or is it just that you continually are notified more than once for new notifications? If always the exact same notification, please try clearing your browser cache and please let us know which browser and version that you see this in. If it's that you're continually notified more than once, it's likely the same synching issue that Rachel mentions.

  15. I'm not sure I know what you mean - what's the difference? It shows, I click on it and it goes away but when I log back in (and it doesn't matter which machine, which browser) the notification is there again (for the same messages). Clearing the cache does nothing.

  16. Hi Drifting - note that clicking on the notification icon itself won't mark the notification as read. Next time, please try clicking on the icon, and then clicking on the actual message that appears in the drop-down menu below the icon to mark it as read (the little unread dot should go away).

    Here's more detail about this and screenshots from earlier in this thread:

    When you first get a "like" notification, the orange star pops up like this:

    When you click on the star, you see a list of your notifications. Your new, unread notifications will have a blue dot next to them, like this:

    If you close the notification list at this point, the orange star may appear again. This is because the new notifications are still considered to be unread. If you click on an unread notification (one with a blue dot next to it), you will see more detail about that notification:

    This marks the notification as read. If you open your notification list again, you'll see that the blue dot next to it has gone away:

    Please let me know if you do that, and then you still see the notifications for messages you've already cleared if you open your account in a second browser. Thanks for your patience as we troubleshoot this!

  17. Hi again

    As I wrote before, clicking on the actual message has no effect on this bug at all. Neither has clearing the cache and cookies.
    And now it doesnt help to wait 30 seconds before going to another page either.

    The icon still lights up again as soon as I go to another page. It is always about the newest notification, no matter how many times I have seen it.
    And when there is a new notification again, it stops notifying about the previous one and starts the same endless notifying about the newest one.

  18. Ok, we're continuing to look into this. Thanks everyone for your reports.

  19. Hi Aditix - our developers made some further adjustments. Can you please try closing and reopening your browser, and then clearing your browser cache now? After you do that, please let us know if the situation improves. :) Thanks very much.

  20. Ok, it`s done. I will have to wait for a new "like" though - I usually get them right after publishing a new post, I will let you know.

  21. Hi

    Today there is a new post and some new likes and the problem appears to be gone. :-)
    What was it and how did you manage to fix it?

    I hope it wont return again.

    Thank you. :-)

  22. Howdy,

    Elizabeth is out today, but wanted to give you a reply. There were some minor code improvements for how we monitor and report the "unseen" state that we've been testing internally for a little while that the devs deemed ready for everyone.

    In short, it wasn't an one-time band-aid, but something that should correct this type of oddity from this point forward. If anything occurs, please do let us know as it may be a new problem :-)


  23. The problem appears to have been fixed. It's no longer happening.

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