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    I would like to be notified when somebody makes a comment on one of my blogs so that I can view and respond to it.

    Is there somewhere I can turn on notifications?


    The blog I need help with is



    See here please > Settings > Discussion
    E-mail me whenever
    __ Anyone posts a comment
    __A comment is held for moderation
    __Someone likes one of my posts.
    __Someone follows my blog.

    If comment notifications are enabled, the post author will receive an email when a new comment is left on a post they wrote. Comment notification emails are sent to the post author using the email address listed in Users -> Personal Settings in the dashboard.

    Email Notifications


    All these are already enabled.



    Please click your username link and note that whatever that site is linked to it will not load. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question so we can proceed from there. Note that this forum is only for those who do have free hosted blogs. If you are asking about a self hosted install then you must post to vs The Differences


    Not sure I understand what ‘please click your username’ link means.

    This is a free hosted blog.



    Previously I clicked your your username and this site which was linked to it would not load >

    Now you have provided a blog link and we know which site you need help with. Thank you.

    You have said:

    All these are already enabled.

    You will need to contact Staff.


    Clicking my username works now. I will contact staff. Many thanks.



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    We do not provide support for installs on this support forum. For clarity when you post here your blog ought to be linked to your username so we Volunteers on this support forum can click your username and instantly find your blog. When that is not the case your time and ours is being wasted on determining which blog you are referring to.


    Ok chill out :) This was my first time.



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