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    The notification system is non-responsive when you go to check the huge over-sized orange symbol the little box just spins. You need to go to all the clear it and even then 10 minutes can pass before the orange thingy disappears. Hopefully somebody else is noticing this and it will be fixed.

    The blog I need help with is



    Could you please provide the browser and browser version you’re experiencing the technical issue you explained above. This link will display your the browser version

    Also have you tried a force refresh ? here is instruction how to do so if haven’t already Browser Issues


    The problem occurred with the changes last week and has little to do with my browser. My browsers are all out of date and will be until my new IMAC is delivered next month.



    The reason I asked is because I’ve only experienced the issue stated above with chrome and I know one other person as well experienced it with chrome only.

    Plus it helps staff to know if it is just a specific browser or all browser types which they would be alerted to by more people responding with the same technical issue. and what browser at the time they experienced the technical error.


    I am using Firefox and Safari. OS is leopard.

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