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  1. A number of people claim that they have subscribed to receive notifications of new posts, but none of them seem to have received them. I have suggested that they look in their spam folders. However they claim that there are no notifications in spam folders. I have tried entering each email address for notifications, but this has made no difference. How do I inform subscribers of changes in posts?
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  2. Those members who are not receiving the posts they subscribed to receive need to post to this support forum as they are the ones who need help and it's their details that must be examined by Staff.

  3. These people are not WordPress members, they are people who have subscribed to the website to receive notification of posts. All they were required to do was provide email addresses. Nobody at all is receiving notifications.

  4. Thanks for that update. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. It's the weekend so please be patient while waiting for their help.

  5. I have this problem : I invited people, who are members of WordPress, to become contributors or editors of my blog ( They have received my invitation, and they have responded. However even if they appear in the list of invited people as accepted members, they are not registered as members. What to do ?

  6. dbenard - please start a new thread for your separate issue, thanks.

  7. quabbs - I've sent you an email with further troubleshooting instructions.

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