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    Up to a few days ago, I used to automatically receive – in the upper black bar – a notification, anytime someone was replying to a comment I had left on any WordPress blog (even if it was not my own blog).
    Now I’ve stopped receiving these notifications and, in order to check if someone has replied to one of my comments across WordPress, I have to consult the “Comments I’ve Made” page in my Dashboard.

    Is it normal? Is it due to a change affecting the whole WordPress platform? Or is it a problem of my blog?
    How can I restart receiving those notifications? I found them really useful!!!

    Thanks for your help and support!

    The blog I need help with is



    Same here, plus using Comments I’ve Made, comments responding to my own do not show. I’ve been curious and have clicked to the particular blog, and there is the response to my comment!


    Same here, Just sent the question to the support team. Hopefully I’ll get a reply and I tell you what they say.



    And the same here. I have read about others suffering this improvement to service. Please put it back!

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