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Notifications constantly appear for old events

  1. portaltotheinternets

    Since the new notification icon was rolled out, I get an orange "speech bubble" notification every time I log in. But I don't actually have new comments, it's just old comments apparently triggering the icon. I have clicked on every notification I have available to me, yet this problem still persists. Is there any way to "mark all notifications as read" so I don't get faked out every time I log in?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same here. Must be a bug.

  3. I have the same. New events don't appear too. all the comments since yesterday weren't added in the notification while I still received the mail for it.

  4. Me too.

  5. I believe I have the same issue. Each time I either log in or open the page in a different computer (and I move around a bit), I get an indication there's a new comment/notification. Unfortunately, it's seldom the case.

  6. I also have this problem, no new comments but icon still turns orange! :(

  7. Would you please try clearing your browser's cache?

  8. I cleared my browser's cache and I up-graded adobe flash player, no luck!!

  9. The Notification menu does not use Flash.

    Would you please tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  10. I am using safari 5.1.7. !

  11. Hi, I also cleared cache, cookies, browsing history, restarted, and am still having the same issue. Google Chrome, 19.0.1084.52m

  12. Have you tried disabling all browser add-ons and extensions?

  13. foodandtools, (as mentioned by timethief) do you have any extensions enabled in Safari? if so, would you please disable them and see if that makes a difference?

    sloopie72, are you able to check in a different browser, like Firefox?

  14. I have disabled an extension so let us see. Why do I have to disabled them? All this stuff is new to me, not a tech person. Thanks for the help.

  15. It's just a way to rule-out possibilities. Extensions can sometimes interfere with page objects.

    If disabling the one extension fixes the issue, we know exactly what caused the problem (it would be the extension you disabled).

  16. Still happening!

  17. foodandtools, have you tried clearing your browser's cookies as well as your cache?

  18. I have cleared some of the cookies and so far all is back to normal so maybe the ones I deleted did the trick. If it happens again I will delete all the cookies! Thanks for all your prompt help. :)

  19. The issue seems to be resolved for me as well. Thanks!

  20. You're welcome!

  21. wallswithdoors

    For the past week or so, I no longer receive a notification when an author replies to a comment I made on their blog post. I receive only the notification that someone made a comment on my blog, or likes a post. Replies to my comments were the best part of the notification button! I emptied the cache and it didn't fix the problem. Thanks for your help.

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