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    Hi there, recently I’ve noticed that I don’t always get a notification in the admin bar (the speech bubble, and even the archive) when someone comments on my blog, or when someone replies to my comment on their blog. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a bit annoying though…
    Does someone know what’s wrong and how to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you mean in that orange little bubble thing in the top right corner? What about if you go into the ‘Comments I’ve Made’ part of the dashboard?

    I’ve looked in the dashboard and can’t find any settings for the bubble thing. Have you tried a different web browser?


    It has the same effect with Internet Explorer. I mean, if I log in there now, with no new notifications I should have, it gives the same archive. So the ones I didn’t get before I don’t get with another browser now either.


    Hmmm, bit of an arse.

    Actually, is it just that it doesn’t turn orange as it should do when there is a new post/reply, or is that the new post/reply doesn’t show up at all when you actually click on the bubble?

    I seem to have the opposite problem – the bubble is orange even when there aren’t any new replies or comments. If I click it, it turns grey for a few seconds and then turns orange again.

    ’tis very buggy.


    It doesn’t show up at all. Next to that I’ve got the same problem as you – it stays orange.
    But I can deal with that as long as it shows me everything. Christy from Running on sober gave me a good tip though, one she has from Rutabaga: ADDENDUM! If you go to a WordPress blog to comment, do you see 3 lines that are probably autofilled with your email, username & blog URL? If so – to the right of that click on the little WordPress circle icon…that should ‘log you in’ as a Worpress user and then notifications to your posts should come in. At least that’s my theory. And so far, so good!”
    We’ll see if that works!


    Regarding your issue Michael- with the notifier lighting up AFTER you have read those notifications. It’s a known issue- started after a WP update a while back and has to do with how notifications sync across the various WP servers around the world.


    The problem seems to be solved when clicking the WordPress icon when commenting. I get notifications again, huzzah!


    Yay! Happy Belgian girl is happy again!

    Wedge, thanks for letting me know.

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