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Notifications in Reader

  1. Hi, Not a question but a suggestion. A friend of mine changed blogs and I clicked to 'follow'. After a while I realised I wasn’t being notified when she posted. And of course it is because she changed blogs. And the default setting in the WP Reader for ‘Send new posts by email’ is (I think) in the ‘off’ position. So I went hunting for how to change that. I went to the ‘Reader’ page and it took me a while to figure out that I needed to click the little cog/gear next to ‘Followed Sites’ and then navigate down to her blog and click the little ‘edit’ button next to the name of her blog and then change the ‘Send new posts by email’ setting to ‘instantly’. What a palaver. It would be so much easier if a little popup popped up when one clicked to follow a blog and asked what notification preferences I would like. so I am posting this in case WP would like to take up the idea.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Good idea. I second it.

  3. Thanks! If you follow using the reader, the email options are on that page:

    If you follow using the follow bar in the lower right, and would like email options to be included there, will you leave your feedback here?

    One other thing: usually if someone changes their address on, their followers will go with them. If they change a domain, the followers stay the same too. If they just started a new site, though, the followers would stay on the old one. I hope that helps.

  4. Thanks, @Supernovia / Velda. I mentioned the email options page in my post. It just seems a long-winded way to do it when one follows a new blog - as I mentioned.

    Yes, that's what happened - my friend started a new site.

    I've posted my suggestion about the action bar to the feedback address you mentioned.

  5. Thank you! :)

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