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    Hi, my notifications icon in the doc is lighting up, but when I click it, the notifications aren’t being displayed.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having the same problem.



    I’ve been having the same issue; it started earlier today. I’m receiving e-mail notices, but I can’t see the same information in notifications.



    That is correct, I am receiving email notices as well. And it started happening sometime between 9:00 pm GMT (4:00 EST) yesterday and 6:00 am today.



    A little more information that may help tracking it down. On my dashboard and in multiple WP blogs, the notifications icon is lighting up. Also in the old stats page. When I click it both places, the box for the notifications appears, but it is completely blank. It continues to be lit up.

    On the newer stats page, the notifications icon was lit up. When I clicked it, I got a blank box but with what I’ll call a “loading circle” — I don’t know what it is supposed to be called, but the indicator that something is trying to load. But notifications never load. On this page only, the notifications icon is no longer lit up.

    Also, I said it started happening before 6:00 am GMT today. I am reminded that I was later starting today, so it might have been a little later than that. But it was definitely happening before 8 GMT.


    I’m having the same problem as jongleason – notification icon lights up but all I get is the loading circle. I first noticed the problem about eight hours ago.


    I am also having the same problem. Looks system wide. The icon lights up correctly (e.g. a comment comes in, the common orange icon is lite) but the list won’t load.


    I have the same problem. Anyone an idea what to do?


    This is the only workaround I have managed to find. For the mean time it allows you to view your notifications and clear them from the list, but the drop down from the speech bubble and the admin bar are still not working :(!/notifications/



    17.55 GMT
    Seems to have been fixed now. Huzzah!



    The link technologicyt provided works, but the dropdown doesn’t.



    Noted at well. The drop down list still appears glitched, must be a server side rather than client issue. Dunno if WordPress people are rolling out something or if the hamsters broke out of their cage and tech support is crawling around on hands and knees trying to catch them.

    Keep your hats on!


    Thanks for the link, that is great. The drop down list is still not working for me on my free WP, but it is working on my other blog where I have paid for the domain name…that might be useful info if the techhies need it.

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