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Notifications of new followers

  1. I am having the same problem. My blog is only a week old and my stats tell me I have 10 followers, but I am not being notified by email. I have done all the things suggested above, including checking spam and checking I have the right box ticked in my settings. I have checked these things several times. Not once have I had an email advising me of a new subscriber. I did put this problem on the forums yesterday but no one replied. I was going to contact 'Support" but just found out they only respond to people with upgrades....very disappointing. I did not know that when I chose this site for my blog. I would like this problem solved? (Please don't tell me to check my spam again!)

  2. @shoreacres

    I've signed up as a follower of your blog. Did you get the notification email?

  3. Thankyou for doing that, but no I did not receive any notification email. This is very frustrating.

  4. Oh, sorry, greatsouthland -- my last message was in response to an earlier posting here by shoreacres. It's her blog that I signed up for, not yours -- at least, not yet!

  5. @shoreacres Nope, didnt receive a notification of you following. So it seems it is still a problem....

  6. Looks like WordPress has abandoned us. It's a week and a half since the last useless, repetitive suggestion made by "Staff," implying that it's our fault if we're not getting the e-mails. They still won't admit the problem is theirs, and if they're trying to do anything about it, they're sure keeping it a tight secret. Sigh.

  7. I'm willing to help, but would you please try adding to your email's whitelist?

    Just because you receive some email from WordPress does not mean that other emails won't be considered spammy enough to delete on site. Whitelisting is the only way to prevent this and to rule this out as a possibility.

  8. TEN DAYS AGO I said on this thread that I had whitelisted @wordpress.

  9. You may have to do it again. Gmail, for instance, just started sending automated emails from to spam, although it didn't before.

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