Notifications pop-up window in taskbar not loading

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    I have had this problem for the last week or so. I will see that my notification icon in the taskbar indicates that I have a comment reply/like/etc, so I click it to open the pop up window and show my items. Problem is, it won’t load. The framework for the window is there, but a cycling symbol is shown. I thought perhaps it was just slow because of internet connections, or perhaps browser problems, but I’ve let it sit there for over 30 minutes with nothing happening. I don’t receive any error indicators, so I can’t figure out what is going on. This happens on Firefox v24. I tried it on IE10 but the icon doesn’t even appear in the taskbar when I use that browser.

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    The same problem here. Can someone help? I use Firefox 25 under Elementary OS (linux distribution). But I have never had this problem before. I clean the cookies everytime I close firefox (set as default). No problem with other internet services. No problem when using Midori internet browser for example. Any idea what can be a problem? I don’t want to change a browser just because of this. Thanks in advance.

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