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    I want to be notified of all new comments in a post via email, but I don’t want to send any comments. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Does this help?
    If comment notifications are enabled, the post author will receive an email when a new comment is left on a post they wrote. Comment notification emails are sent to the post author using the email address listed in Users -> Personal Settings in the dashboard.



    Every blog has an RSS feed for posts and for comments and we cannot prevent anyone from subscribing to our comments on our blogs.
    This is the RSS Feed URL for your posts:
    This is the RSS Feed URL for your comments:



    Your first suggestion does not work for me, cus I’m not the author of the post.

    RSS feeds won’t work either, cus the blog I want to subscribe to is a private blog.

    It would be easier if there were Subscribe/Unsubscribe links instead of those check boxes at the end of the comments. (I mean something like what we currently have in these forums: Subscribe to Topic/Unsubscribe from Topic)

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