Novice going to ask some naive questions? Sorry folks

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    I am doing my first website using I am following the directions from a YouTube video. There are several challenges: first my dashboard does not look like his, there fore when trying to add a gallery I do not have any plugin button on the sidebar. Two, I am not using wordpress as my hosting site. Is this the reason I cannot add plugins? I am using the Motion template, could this be why I cannot get plugins? Please respond in English that a non webbie will understand and let me know how I can correct this. Thank you for you patience. Tim Duffy

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Timothy,

    It looks like you are using a wordpress.COM site, plugins are not allowed at wordpress.COM for security reasons. Plugins are for self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG.

    Here’s a link explaining the difference between the two:

    Below is a link to instructions on how to add a Gallery to your site:

    Hope that answers your question!



    Also, there’s no such thing as a naive question! Keep asking, WordPress is huge, you will learn something new everyday!



    Mahalo for the information Keith. I will try to use it. Tim Duffy
    P.S. Thanks for the answer in English LOL



    Here are some other resources – they can be a bit overwhelming at times.

    Also look back in the forum a few pages (or many) – many of the questions in the forum have been ask before, so the odds of you finding your question or one close to it already answered are very high

    When I first started I would just watch and read the forum’s (I started on WordPress.ORG) – was a quick way to learn

    good luck

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