Now I see ‘P)revious,’ now I don’t

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    Hello, everybody! When I first switched to Benevolence, I had a ‘previous’ page. Now it’s gone, along with the several posts that had been on it. Does anyone know how to fix this?


    This has been a random ongoing issue here for at least a few months. The thing is that it randomly disappears for random people. I just visited your blog and the link was there at the bottom of your posts.

    Staff is aware of it and are looking into what is causing it as I remember.

    You can get it to come back by editing your latest post, adding a space somewhere and then taking it back out and then saving the post. Do know though that the link may disappear again in a hour or two.

    Again, I think most people going to your blog will see the link so I don’t know if it is really something to worry too much about.


    Thank you, sacred path. I won’t do anything, then.

    Grace is random.

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