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  1. [Inane junk removed - Mark]

  2. lettershometoyou

    Please keep your messages on your blog and out of the forum unless you're looking for help. thanks.

  3. @ letters

    This is an Off Topic forum. It is supposed to cover "everything not covered above". Everything means all things. And yes, ALL includes beliefs, religious or otherwise.

    When you have something that YOU want to communicate, you come here and –according to my observation– you and your comments have always been welcome and nobody has ever asked you something like you just asked glorytothelord to do: to sut up, in other words.

    I don't think this is acceptable here, even when done with "good manners".

    Is it?

  4. Millaq, it was posted in the support forums when letters responded. It's since been moved to off topic. I'd rather it was posted in the plug your blog thread myself, but at least it's in the right forum now. :)

  5. Thanks for the info, cj! : ) back to you.

  6. And Off Topic or not does not include a license to spam which is what this is. These Christian fan boys are real whackos.

  7. Agreed - this is IMO spam.

  8. Question: would it still be Spam if it would have been posted in the plug your blog thread, as cj suggest above? I am not interested in arguing... really, just would want to know. : )

  9. I don't think i would have seen it as spam had it been in the plug thread. The fact is, this person just posted a mini-manifesto without the usual, "hey, i'm new here, come see my blog" stuff we usually get from well-meaning people.

    When there's no personality attached, it seems mechanical and spammy, whether you agree with the ideology/tactics or not, and when someone is proselytizing, it can rub people the wrong way from the get-go.

  10. Thanks, judyb! I agree with your view. Makes total sense to me.

  11. How are we supposed to read it if we're not awake? Man, he needs another delivery method for his message if that's his market.

  12. lettershometoyou

    raincoaster, that's my point. let him blog about it all he wants. that's his delivery method.

  13. I would not have considered this to be spam if the blogger had simply posted into the plug your blog thread. The fact that he or she chose to proselytize on the support forum offended me.
    plug your blog here

  14. I agree. OT or not. This is spam and wrong for the forum. Beside which folk of all religions, faiths, and denominations should feel comfortable. This overt inappropriate preaching is embarrassing. JC must be turning in his grave. He wouldn't have wanted it.

  15. Hey I got a holy ghost for you, but I like to call it my middle finger.

  16. @alphaomega9
    The risk when you post rude comments like the one above is that it may lead others to believe you and the spammer are on the same level. Also note that if we do not keep posting to this thread it will not keep rising to the top. Instead if we don't post to it then it will fall to the bottom of the forum threads and disappear.

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