NS1.wordpress.com controlling MX records

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    I have a registered domain name w/ GoDaddy and full hosted platform there. I’m still pointing my name server records to NS1.wordpress.com, NS2.wordpress.com, etc until I get my site fully migrated over. However, I have a mail server at work I want to pick up mail for my site, and I have configured the MX record and A record entry in my DNS zone file to point to my public IP.

    However, I cannot get inbound mail to work because WordPress is still picking up the mail record somehow for this domain. I do an nslookup, set the query type to MX, and I get this:

    Non-authoritative answer:
    mail.berderp.com canonical name = berderp.com.

    Authoritative answers can be found from:
    origin = ns1.wordpress.com
    mail addr = hostmaster.wordpress.com

    So how to get the MX record actually pointed to my public IP and off of WordPress controls.

    The blog I need help with is berderp.com.



    host -t mx berderp.com
    berderp.com has no MX record

    You haven’t correctly configured your MX record.

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