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  1. To get my domains mapped I asked my ISP to point them to the WP-nameservers. However my ISP told me he can't change the entries as does not even know my domains. What is wrong?

    > das Nameserver-Update fuer die Domain
    > kann nicht durchgefuehrt werden.
    > Bei der Auswertung des Auftrags wurden folgende Fehler gefunden:
    > Fehler im 1. Nameserver (
    > * kennt die Domain
    > nicht.
    > Fehler im 2. Nameserver (
    > * kennt die Domain
    > nicht.
    > Fehler im 3. Nameserver (
    > * kennt die Domain
    > nicht.
    > Der Auftrag fuer die Domain kann nicht weiterbearbeitet werden.
    > Bitte korrigieren Sie die Fehler und informieren Sie uns, sobald das
    > Nameserver-Update nochmals in Auftrag gegeben werden kann.

  2. Where did you register the domain ? Did you get your domain registrar to change the DNS or just your ISP? When I trace to your domain, I am getting one of the domain name servers for wordpress, but it says it is showing other IP's for name servers as well. That would suggest that it hasn't gone through all the global name servers or there is still an name server (most likely your registrar) that hasn't changed the name servers.


  3. I have added a zone entry which should also help.

  4. Strange, when i do a lookup for, I'm showing it as still having the nameservers over at

  5. Many thanks. I'll refer to my ISP SpaceNet with your answers, who is the registrar as well. The zone entry may help.

  6. Hi ... could you please set a zone entry for my second domain as well:

  7. I'd suggest you send that in as a Feedback, as it goes straight to Mark's inbox that way and he's not in the forum that often.

  8. I have exact the same problem as the first poster.
    My Domain didnt get changed to the wordpress Nameservers because they didnt know my domain.

    I want the domain pointing to my blog
    Please help for making the transfer happen FAST (The Adress gets posted in a Newspaper in 1-2 Days...)

  9. I believe you were answered in the other thread that you posted in.

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