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    There is a number next to the month of posts. This number is linked to another page within the blog. I thought it might be a miscalculation of the number of comments I had, but when I did my new post in December, it was at least 20 numbers higher than my November one. Also, a friend told me that when she got her notification email, all she saw was this number. Where can I change this so it doesn’t show? If it is a title of the post, then how do I change the title? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    The numbers are not “next to the month of posts”, they are in place of the post titles, because you didn’t enter a title when you created the posts. You can go to Posts > All Posts, hover over each post, click Quick Edit, enter a title and a slug then click Update. The title is what will show up on your blog page, the slug is what will show up in the URL of the post. The title doesn’t have to be identical to the slug. The slug needs to be all lowercase, words separated by hyphens, for instance:


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