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Number of blog posts visible on my page

  1. number of blog posts shown on my page.Hi, may I kindly turn to you for help, pls? is it really maximalized to 50?? I wanted to change to 60 or 70 or 100 as I would like the titles to appear infinitely when the reader scrolls down. The right side of my page is totally empty white therefore this is a great thing as they can quickly have a glance on my previously written articles. thanks so much if you can help me with increasing the number in the widgets+settings sections for over 50!
    Cheers, Kat

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like 50 is a magic number for the amount of code they can pull into different widgets.
    Here's a comment about 50 pages -
    Here's a discussion of pulling more than 50 items into various widgets -

  3. Are you talking about widgets or actual posts? You can enable Infinite Scroll on nearly any theme here.

  4. Hi, it's the Recent Posts widget. Do you maybe know how could I set the number for more than 50? I'd really appreciate any help, thanks!!

  5. @blogger0012
    You cannot set the Recent Posts widget to display more than 50 recent posts. That is the limit.

    Staff provided the reason for reducing the number of titles that appear in the Recent Posts widget:

    There were some fatal errors and timeouts in cases where a blog loaded an extremely large number of posts in the Recent Posts widget or Posts per page setting (in Reading Settings).

  6. @mikedariano
    Will you please search forum threads too before posting answers into threads? If you do then bloggers like this one don't have to wait for answers that have already been posted into other threads.

  7. @timethief. Will do, thanks for the advice. I'm still learning all the best practices for the forum and appreciate these suggestions.

  8. You're welcome.

  9. I see only my last 5 posts on the home page, which is fine. Yet, all these posts are open and fully visible on the home page, where as I prefer only the first 2 paragraphs... I clicked on 'summary visible", but somehow it is still the entire post. Anyone?

  10. @maudoortwijn
    To display only an excerpt on the front page of the blog you have to split text by inserting "the more tag".

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