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    I am kind of new to WP. I created an account years ago, but ended up spending most of my time on a different blog platform (VOX), that platform is now shutting down and I am having to choose between actually using my WP blog or use other ones that are out there, so far WP is winning the selection. I am currently trying to get past the learning curve.

    I have a guestion about the ‘my comments’ page. I thought I read somewhere that it will track ALL the comments I have made, but when I go to the page it only seems to have ten. There is no scrolling for more, or ‘next’ buttons for another page of them. Is ten all that it will ever show? It would be nice if it showed more.

    Also is there an way to choose which ones it continues to track? I know it said that it shows the ones with the most recent activity first, but if that is a post that I no longer want to continue following comments on it would be nice if I could choose to stop following that post or at least ‘hide’ it

    I know the support staff are in meetings to brainstorm and will not be back until the 19th, so I will be sure to offer my feedback when they get back.

    Thanks to anyone that can offer suggestions and help.

    The blog I need help with is


    It will track only comments you have made on wordpress.COM blogs.


    Yes I know it will only track comments on wordpress.COM blogs. I only mentioned that I used to use the other blog platform to emphasize that I had chosen WP over other platforms to move too. As a matter of fact many other ex-VOXers have migrated over here to wordpress.COM.

    What I was asking about was the number of comments I have made to other WP posts/blogs. I have commented on well over 10 different wordpress.COM blogs/posts and yet the ‘my comments’ page seems to only show the 10 with the most recent activity. I am wondering if this is standard for the ‘my comments’ page or if there is something wrong on my end. If it is standard I plan to offer feedback to the support staff asking/suggesting that it be more than 10, and also that they might consider adding the option to hide or stop tracking some of the comments if the user would like to.


    You know, I’m not sure what the number is, but I do believe it only shows the latest. Mine is such a jumbled mess it is hard to even figure out what it is actually showing.

    From the support document:

    It will show your comment, one before yours, and replies after yours. The thread with the latest replies will be at top.

    Also, if you were not logged in when you made some of the comments, I don’t think they will show up in “my comments.”

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