Number of likes and likes icons not displaying correctly.

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    Suddenly the number of likes per post no longer displays. Also, only the first row of likes avatars display. Finally, the number of likes a post has no longer displays in the list of all posts.

    Where did they go?

    The blog I need help with is



    The reason your likes are not showing on the list of all posts is because the box on options-general.php?page=sharing page is unchecked. Like buttons respect the ” Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results” setting.

    We are testing the way we load likes and how we display them which is why the display has changed.


    The box might not have been checked for a minute, but it is now. What displays now is a single row of likes no matter how many likes the post has. The count of likes is no longer visible, but if I hover the cursor over the likes button, the total appears. Having all the likes visible is valuable because it allow me to track down those bloggers.

    The number of likes no longer appears in the posts page:
    That information was valuable because it allowed me a quick comparison of all posts.

    I can see how using an abbreviated display on the front page would be helpful because it cuts the page loading time, especially for those with many likes on their front page. However, I really like the old way of doing it on posts. What I am seeing must be the test. Hopefully, this will turn out well. In the two years I have been here the improvements for displaying photography have been massive.



    There was a bug that had the likes count as a dark font on your blog, it should be fixed now.

    Thanks for the report about the edit.php page. I’ll look into it.

    Also, thanks for the feedback on the display of the button.



    The edit/admin pages have been fixed.


    I can now report that it shows text of “## bloggers like this.” With # being a numeric digit. Still only one line of likes shows on the post, the others are hidden.

    I continue to think the single line approach would work on the front page, but posts should show all the gravatars of those who liked the post. No doubt this will work out right when it is finished. I though the new image handling capabilities were a bit rough when introduced, but after a short time they were wonderful.


    Whoops, I clicked on the ## bloggers and all the gravatars appeared. Now, that is slick.

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