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Number of posts on front page not changing

  1. apostrophistica

    Regardless of what number I set the number of posts to be (in settings>reading), the posts just scroll on and on. I even set the number of posts to "1" (one), and all of them are still appearing.

    Right now I have it set at:

    Blog pages show at most [4] posts,

    but I think there must be at least 20 showing.

    I just changed themes from Quentin to Coraline, but I don't see that that would make any difference. I only want five or six posts per page. This endless scrolling is annoying.

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try a forum search for "infinite scroll" and you'll see what's wrong and how to fix it.

  3. apostrophistica

    Thanks, raincoaster! Didn't know the right search term. :-)

  4. No worries, it can be hard to find the right term, but hundreds and thousands of people have been through this exact issue.

  5. apostrophistica

    Yup, I found you, timethief! And the empty footer widget fixed it. So glad I came here & asked before I started tearing my hair out!

  6. Never ever tear you hair out! Get up go outside and pace while reciting the mantra "it's only a blog" for at least 10 minutes before reboot your computer.

  7. apostrophistica

    That's excellent advice! :)

  8. I noticed the same thing. I have it set to display 2 posts, but It keeps trying to load everything! It takes forever for it to load now. I guess I need to do some reading. I did nothing, the settings says 2 posts,you would think it would work. It did previously. Now it does not. I don't get it.

  9. apostrophistica

    Create an empty footer widget (just drag a text widget over to your first footer widget area), then go back to the reading settings page and you should be able to untick a new box that says "infinite scroll."

    This has got to be one of the dumbest ideas I've seen in blogging -- not the infinite scroll per se, since for some blogs, it might be okay -- but the implementation of it. There should always be an opt out without having to create a fake footer widget to get the opt out option to appear, and any blog that's designed with a footer widget shouldn't have an infinite scroll, only blogs that don't use them. What is the point of a footer widget when the blog just goes on and on and on. (Which I think looks pretty amateurish, and except in twitterish themes, doesn't seem practical. I think that people who keep scrolling aren't necessarily reading the posts they're scrolling by, they're looking for the danged end of the page!)

  10. Thanks! Remember, I'm new, I don't want to sound like an idiot. I went to widget area, found a blank text widget, where is the footer area, I don't see anything labeled the footer area? I'm going back. I went to the forums and typed in footer, got nothing usable.

  11. @miketayse
    MistyLook is the theme your are using and it does not have footer widgets > Appearance > Widgets.

    Go here > Settings > Reading and locate
    Blog pages show at most __ posts
    enter the number you want ie. 2
    click "save changes"

  12. Sorry TT, WP added infinite scrolling to MistyLook...

  13. @miketayse
    I was not aware that the MistyLook theme now has "infinite scroll" implemented too.
    Please see here >

  14. Yay! My blog is enabled!

  15. @miketayse
    Hello again,
    I don't mean to be "thick" but what does that mean? Do you have control over the number of posts appearing on your blog using MistyLook or not?

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