Number of posts on front page / Order of posts messed up

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    I’m having issues with my blog at What I want is no more than, say, 10 posts on the front page at a given time, in order from newest to oldest. Looking at my blog, it has more than 10 (which I already set in settings -> Reading) and at the bottom, the order is all messed up. Any help?



    The order is messed up because you have marked each of those posts as a sticky post. Edit them and remove the sticky checkbox.

    I can’t explain the more than 10 problem. Perhaps once you remove the sticky, the problem will correct itself.


    @vivian: Yes, ALL (!) of the posts in his front page are marked as stickies. And I just checked it in my test blog: a sticky post will be ADDED to the number of posts displayed in the front page, not displace one of the normal ones.


    @angstlyplatypus: I also checked the rest of your posts; almost all of them are marked as stickies, too.


    Awesome, that worked! Thanks guys.

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