Number Turns Into Smiley Face

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    Okay, this has got to be the weirdest problem I’ve seen. I copied and pasted a quote from another blog. The quote is about the Supreme Court justices most likely to retire in the next administration, and their ages. David Souter, 68, is one of them. In the quote, that part reads, “David Souter (68).” When I published the post, the digit 8 in the number 68 was a smiley face. I went back and checked in html view. It was a plain old number 8, nothing wrong. I went back and looked at the text in the other blogger’s post. It said 68, no smiley face. I deleted the 68 and retyped it, just to be sure, then saved. When I went to View Site, the 8 was STILL a smiley face.

    Have I stumped you? Because I have no clue why this is.



    That’s because 8) is being translated into a smiley. In your dashboard, go to Settings>Writing and uncheck the “convert emoticons” box


    Vivian, thank you. Such a weird problem, such a simple answer!

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