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    I am using Vigilance with the custom CSS upgrade at

    Whenever I use a numbered list, there is no paragraph spacing between items #1 and #2 (see the footnotes to the following post for an example: ).

    I have not altered the standard CSS for numbered lists, and I can’t find anything in the CSS or HTML to explain it. I have tried manually adding a <p> tag after the first item, but it makes no difference. It happens consistently in all my posts that use numbered lists.

    Any suggestions for fixing this would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    From what I see on that page, you are not using the ordered list button in the editor.

    First, go to settings > writing and select to have wordpress automatically correct HTML nesting issues and click save.

    Secondly, you are using a depreciated horizontal rule tag. You need to use the self-closing HR tag since wordpress is an XHTML doc type.

    <hr /> (note the space between the slash and the "r"

    Fix the hr tag. Then switch back to the visual editor, select the #1 item text (including the number) and then from the formatting pulldown at the left end of the lower editor toolbar, select “paragraph.”

    That should fix things for you.



    That is not an ordered list. It is just regular paragraphs with numbers typed in front, so the CSS isn’t causing problems. Switch over to the HTML view of your post to see the formatting. Are you pasting from a word processing application? That can often mess with the styling, but there are the “paste as plain text” and “paste from word” buttons.



    Thank you; problem solved using your instructions.

    I have been importing from WLR, which may be the source of the problem.

    I believe I have been using the self-closing HR tag (at least that’s what shows in the HTML for the page) but will double-check the pages that use the HR.

    Thanks again.


    Are you posting directly from WLW, or are you copying and pasting out of it?

    Copying and pasting can cause issues, but if you publish directly from WLW, there shouldn’t be any problems typically. It creates very clean code in my experience.

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