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    I am new to blogging. Inadvertantly, I linked my webpage to my blog. I noticed today that it allowed anyone who clicked the link to access my dashboard. I deleted this link, though I have noticed that a couple of my postings don’t have the normal posting title, there is a number. when I click on the number, it goes onto a blog page.
    I’m concerned about this. Can anyone help me and tell me what is taking place and what action to take. I appreciate any feedback. Imaya



    what’s your blog URL?



    I noticed today that it allowed anyone who clicked the link to access my dashboard.

    That’s not possible. They may have clicked on teh link but they wouldn’t have gotten access to your dashboard unless you add them in as Users and they were logged in.

    As to the numbers, please give an example. There’s a couple of things that may be occuring but it depends on what you’re looking at and what you mean by “blog page”

    edit: Just for reference, you need to stop putting in those “You are invited to visit the Journey Into Soul website:” bits with a link to your blog with your posts. When you do that, it’s considered a link splog.



    My blog url is: (I hope this is what you are asking for.)
    And as for the numbers appearing, these are on the ‘blog stats’ page for my today listings.
    For example, instead of having the title: Crystalline Life Force, there is the number 18.
    I have 7 posts, two of them have numbers…. 18 and 24 instead of the word title. I appreciate your responses. Thank you so very much.


    Thank you for letting me know about the splog. I’ll remove those.


    I just want to know that it is ok that numbers are there instead of word titles. Thank you both again… Imaya



    I see titles on your posts on your blog, not numbers. Where exactly on the blog stats page are your seeing these numbers (Top Posts, Referrers, etc.)?



    Each blog post is given a unique number. Two days ago I found two such blog post numbers sans titles on my stats page under “Top Posts – Title”. In addition, I found in the referrers a strange link. When I clicked on it – it brought me back to my own stats page. I almost reported this to sys admin but decided not to.

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