Nuntius Theme: Comments Sections On Pages I Don't Want Them On

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    Hey everyone, this is my first post, thanks for the help in advance!

    I’m having trouble removing the comments sections on a few pages of my website, especially the About Me, Home, and Contact Me pages.

    See here, where there’s an annoying “Leave a reply” box on my About Page, for example:

    I’ve tried two methods to get rid of them:

    1. Going to Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Example Page > Screen Options, then I unchecked discussion and comments.

    2. I went into Dashboard > Settings > Discussion and unchecked the box “Allow people to post comments on new articles”

    So I’m wondering what everyone suggests I do. I’ve heard that I can edit the CSS code under Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > CSS, I don’t really know CSS, but I’m assuming it’s not hard to learn.

    Is there a simple line of code that I can insert to hide the comments sections on specific pages?

    Lastly, if there’s no way to fix this theme, please recommend a better theme that is as similar as possible to Nuntius but without this annoying error.

    Thanks all!
    – Roman

    The blog I need help with is



    This is not an error, and it’s not theme dependent either.

    Re #1: Checking or unchecking items in Screen Options determines what modules will show on that particular dashboard screen, not what will show on your actual blog pages.

    Re #2: Disabling comments in Settings > Discussion applies to future posts and pages, not to already published ones.

    To disable comments on already published pages you need to edit those pages. See this post of mine, under “Faster way” and “Even faster”:



    Thank you! You’re awesome! I’ve followed your blog and will definitely look here first for future guides.

    On sort of unrelated note, now how do I get rid of the “like” and sharing buttons?

    – Roman



    You’re welcome.

    If you mean remove the buttons from all posts and pages, go to Settings > Sharing.



    That’s exactly what I was talking about. Because of you, my website now looks excellent!

    Thank you so much for your diligent help!
    – Roman

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