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    It would be great if the featured post slider in the Nuntius theme rotated the selected posts (like a slideshow), rather than the same image/post appearing every time the news page is viewed. Any chance of this?

    The blog I need help with is


    @gerryco23: Do you mean an auto-advancing slider or or a featured slider that shows a random post upon each page load? Those are a bit different. :)



    I mean an auto-advancing slider, so that the 6 or 8 sticky posts that I have featured automatically rotate, without the reader necessarily having to click a number or the advance arrow. I think many bloggers would appreciate this, as it would draw readers’ attention to more posts.



    FWIT here’s my two cents. I had such an auto-advancing slider on my self hosted install. It was a resource hog so I disabled it.


    It was a resource hog so I disabled it.

    @timethief: Resources on your system or on your server?

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