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    well i just can’t show some text on the black box on the sticky post , of the nuntius theme… what im doing wrong.?



    Will you please provide an active links starting with http:// to the blog in question so we can see what you mean?


    <a href=”
    this is my blog… notice that the sticky post on the slider… hace a black box on the lower left corner… is supposed to have the tex on the post.


    <a href=”




    Hi @elrecavorfabron,

    Are you trying to display your sticky posts in the featured posts slider? If so, then here are the steps you would take:

    1. Create a new Page and give it a title of “News Page”.
    2. Select “News Template” from the Page Attributes module.
    3. Publish the page.
    4. Go to Settings → Reading. Set the “Home Page” option to “Static Page”. Select “News Page” as your home page and then choose another Page to serve as your blog page. Hit “Save”.
    5. Then you’ll need to create some posts and be sure to mark at least two of them as Sticky. Visit your home page to see the slider in action.
    6. If you’d like image to appear in the slider, add featured images to your posts that are at least 640 pixels wide.

    I hope this helps. If I did not address your question or if you have other questions, please feel free to ask!

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