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    I would like translate these words in french canadian.

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    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, thanks for your offer to help with translation!

    I went ahead and added your suggested translations. In the future, feel free to add your suggestions directly to the translation project. You can find out more about how translations work on from this support article.


    Good evening,

    This is what I wanted to do. But I absolutely no understanding how it works. Can you explain Glotpress?

    Thank you!



    Essentially, it works like a database. You look for the English string and suggest a French translation. Then, a validator for your language (French Canadian) reviews and approves/changes the translations, and then once they are deployed on our end, you will see the changes reflected on the French

    This support article gives more details on how things work in GlotPress. If you have any more questions or run into issues when suggesting a new translation here, feel free ask!

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