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NY Times Vs Robert Scoble

  1. We can all see the power of new media today.

    One of my blogs was written about in the New York Times today and it still did not get more traffic than Robert Scoble.


  2. Don't worry about what Scoble does... you get a mention in the NY!!!!

    Also Scoble, should have a lot of incoming traffic from google... more than the NY could give you.

  3. Quotes: Congratulations on such an accomplishment.

  4. Thank you,

    They called Famous Recipes " ... one of the Web’s most popular independent food blogs, ..."

    I guess we have quite a reputation to live up to now.

  5. I got similar mentions on ABC and CBS, but Robert Scoble runs the 39th most popular blog in the world. It's hard to beat him, and he's a nice guy, so why not take what you can from the mention and not worry about how well someone else is doing? He's been at this for quite a long time; he's earned his spot. Congratulations on earning your own.

  6. "Robert Scoble runs the 39th most popular blog in the world."

    I'm curious - how are such things known? Comparing stats on all the blogs in the world? Is that reliable?

    Also, it amazes me that people are competitive about blogging. Everyone wants readers, but competition seems so beside the point. To me anyway.

  7. has a ranking system. (Hmm, dr who is on the top 10 search list. That's strange.) They may also be using the rankings from a service like

    Technorati says my main blog is ranking about 25kth. I find that hard to believe since I'm only currently averaging about 500 readers a day since I took my little bell ringing break.


  8. IMO you nailed it. Blogging is competitive and all rankings are based on counting systems that reflect presumed "popularity".

    The most favoured blogs of all in terms of getting high hit rates are those that "entertain". In second place are those that "inform" and third place goes to blogs that "instruct".

    As far as "quality" content goes I'm *rotflmao*. If stats were kept on tawdry porno blogs I think the results would be mind blowing.

    Yup, when it comes to the "top" of the shit heap in blogging it's the same old - same old - sensationalized sex, celebrities, glamour and bad behaviour are the top rankers.

    If your head is not in the numbers and competitiveness is beside the point for you then do not despair - blog on. There are many of us who are blogging for passion rather than "hits" or "bucks". We don't give a tinker's damn about the stats. :D

  9. drmike, remeber technorati rank is based in blog links not in readers count/traffic.

  10. Agreed. That's why I mentioned that it was hard to believe. :)

  11. *lol* :D either way rankings are based on the lowest common denominator "mass popularity" - based on BS *lol*

  12. Serious money involved though in rankings. Perfect example of this is the New York Times booklist. I knew folks who would only buy a book if it was on that list.

    Which is really annoying since it's really based on books pushed out by disrtibutors instead of actually sold.

  13. @drmike
    Thanks for your excellent example of BS.
    popularity = money = bull shit
    celebrity status = money = bull shit
    pornographic photos = money = bull shit
    The Britney twat shots mania is perfect example of BS. It takes a certain kind of mind set to become hooked into reading nothing but celebrity magazines and the term "intelligent" don't resonate, does it? But the magazine empires that flog such twaddle are rolling in dough.

  14. That's one reason why I love can't put ads in anyway :P. I'm here to blog not to make "rich".

  15. "Technorati says my main blog is ranking about 25kth. I find that hard to believe"

    That's what I meant about accuracy. I find it hard to believe that these rankings mean anything.

    What blogs you read depend on your interests. I've been blogging and reading blogs for years, but I had no idea who Robert Scoble was until I saw this thread and Googled him. And I'll probably forget his name just as promptly, since I don't read about techie things.

    The best or most popular bloggers in any given field are probably unknown to most people outside that area of interest. The person comparing her recipe blog to a tech blog - what's the point?

    Popularity has never been any indication of quality, and often there is an inverse relation. If people buy books because of best-seller status, what does that say about them as readers?

    If people are trying to get rich by blogging, that's nearly as stupid as trying to get rich by writing books. Any author can tell you the foolishness in that.

  16. If people buy books because of best-seller status, what does that say about them as readers

    They're Barnes and Nobles shoppers? :)

  17. @laura613
    Girlfriend I'm *roflmao*. You're gonna love the wordpress peanut gallery. I'm carrying in your chair right now. :D

    Barnes and who? [said the canuck]
    Perhaps they lack the initiative to make their own decisions about what to read.

  18. "If people buy books because of best-seller status, what does that say about them as readers

    They're Barnes and Nobles shoppers? :) "

    No fair. I shopped at B&N in the US and now I shop at Chapters in Canada. And I haven't seen a best-seller list in decades, I swear.

    "I'm carrying in your chair right now"

    Hey, thanks timethief.

    I am a New Canuck myself. My blog is we move to canada. First I escaped the US, now I'm escaping Blogger. :)

  19. *ROTFLMAO* I was just going to ask in a polite way:
    (1) if you were a canuck, and
    (2) if you were a gumbooter from the west coast.
    This is too much. I'm howling ... gone to make coffee ... (I haven't had one yet).
    P.S. While we're on the subject of blogging BS, I too am a Blogger escapee. There are many Blogger escapees here and more arriving every day.

  20. What means this west coast? I am originally from NYC. Sadly, in order to leave the US, I had to leave NYC, too.

    Thank you for your howling, it makes me feel most welcome. :)

  21. What is this NYC (not your country)? *lol*
    I've lived in 3 provinces and 3 states. I'm a country girl living in a cabin in the woods surrounded by ocean. Cities stink (literally) and I have breathing problems when I'm in them.

  22. Cabins, woods and oceans are nice for vacations. I have boredom problems when I'm in them for too long.

    Each to her own.

    What's a gumbooter?

  23. Boredom ... I don't know a country person who has time for it. By the time you have split kindling, carried in the firewood for the day, watered, fed and groomed your livestock, etc. you're ready for a hike, horseback ride, carriage driving through the bush or beachcombing. When we are not doing those things we are into environmental advocacy, political activism, fitness, fencing (either with swords or mending split rail fences), sharp shooting, belly dancing, kick boxing and pagan potluck partying, replete with drumming and music making. In the summer we're into swimming, fishing and sailing too.
    As for defining a who a gumbooter is, well that would take a blog post or maybe two to explain to you. Suffice to say we're fiercely irreverent, idiosyncratic and outrageously independent islanders. ;)
    P.S. Click on my username and you'll be able to follow a breadcrumb trail to 3 of my blogs. I've added you to my blogroll and the page ranking of my blogs is 5 as if that really matters.

    This has got to be the last of our chat on the support forum. We are putting our Support Maven, Mark, who is on staff and our volunteer Moderator, drmike in an uncomfortable position. There are no chat forums at We chat on our blogs only. So let's not put them in the position of giving us the the hook or delivering us a public whacking, okay?

    Posted with due apologies to the mods for being a "forum chatter" when I should and do know better. :)

  24. Not only that, but y'all are marginalizing the life choices of us hit whores. I'm going to tell the government on you...oh right, they're Tories.

    For now.

  25. You and engtech are my favourite "hit whores". You're both honest about where you are coming from and you don't post just to take shots at Robert Scoble or to cry the blues. More to the point, both you and engtech, as busy as you are with all those comments and stats to track and fret about, still take the time to help out on the forum.
    Others only show up to either whine or gloat and it's only when they're in the top posts that they offer answers to forum questions ... incomplete and frequently inaccurate answers.
    Lastly, rain the neo-cons definitely know who I am by my given name. I'm among the primary left wing activists in the gulf so I'm for sure on their sh-- list.
    Have a blast tonight and raise a glass to me, while I raise a cup of my tea to you.

    oh, oh ... here comes the hook ...

  26. I'm on tea, myself. Tea and Sudafed, and tonight I shall take my sparkling Australian white with a Nyquil chaser. This could get epic!

  27. Interesting. I didn't want to whine but I'm suffering from a very sore throat, a head cold and potential sinusitis. I think I got it, although I dressed for it, at the Solstice bonfire, drum, dance, sing, eat and drink and celebration thingee.

    What really put me over the edge was howling like a coyote, until I had all the neighbouring dogs howling too. I couldn't help myself. After going through three gales and a snowstorm that all took down the power lines, access to water, road blockages, live wires, etc. shivering in the dark, without my computer ....OY! ... for days. I felt like an animal.

    You could say I shape-shifted, howled {howling is infectious, no?) and others joined me. {No one grew any excess body hair or fangs or anything ... not that I noticed ... everyone had a great time.} ;)

  28. Cue raincoaster pimping her blog post on howling with timber wolves in Ontario. Couldn't be a better way to celebrate, come to think of it, although there is nothing around here except the Golden Retriever at the end of the lane. Hope you're better soon!

  29. So she tells me not to chat, and once I leave, chatters away... Hmph. :)

    Happy New Year to my new WP blog-friends. See ya 'round.

  30. Happy New Year. Cut us some slack: Canadians on drugs are virtually unstoppable once we get going.

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