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  1. i have recently been reading that obama the next us president has been called the anti christ that is talked about in revelation by some christians, i wonder what his wife has to say about this, what about his children, how horifing for them if someone comes up to them and ask them what it is like to have the devil as your dad, do people even consider the effect this would have on his young daughters

  2. I don't support him, but I've had people say that around me and I call them out on it instantly, partially cause I don't believe in god and think thats a ton of crap. Calling someone that is about as desperate as bible-thumpers can go

  3. His wife and kids will be very sheltered. The kids will be going to Sidwell Friends Preparatory School, followed around by the secret service. From what I remember about going to that school (during Nixon, Ford, The Carter Administration as well as the Reagan years) the presidential children were generally flown by helicopter to whatever prep school they attended. So, um....there's really very little interaction with society at large. I don't think they'll be hearing such gibberish directly. What's said in tabloids, online, etc.? I think thick-skin comes with the territory. :)

  4. I hear is a good place to go if you are adverse to accepting the media's opinion.

    To me, Barry Soetoro is no savior, merely the other side of the coin using different words but (he will be) pushing the same policies.

    too bad BBC didnt take it far enough

  5. after all, I thought change meant looking outside a two-party system

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