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Obama and Special Olympic comments

  1. Will the bloom start to come off the rose of President Obama after his incredible stupid comments about bowling and Special Olympic athletes on the tonight show? One would think he would have something better to do with his time right now?

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  4. You're going to tell me he's a Muslin next!

  5. Whey!! so is sambauers's comment an automated one?? lol, ok I've obviously been away from this forum too long and need to catch up on whats the happenings.

    since this post probably will make it to the off topic forum I'd like to say that its wasn't that serious. I dont understand why people have to be so PC these days. Anyways, this shouldn't matter that much theres more serious issues then worrying about an off the cuff comment plus, he apologize.

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  7. Nice, must have been all those vs. threads and all those suggestions of ideas LOL

  8. To answer the OP:

    I worked with people with Learning disabilities for some 17 years (I was a registered nurse) and I doubt they give a damn. They may have found what he said funny, they may have been indignant or they may not understand. Either way, they won't really care.

    The ones that will throw a tantrum, scream about equal rights, demand a grovelling apology, insist more funds be diverted etc etc etc etc will be those that want to USE those with learning disabilities for their PERSONAL advancement.

    There was a debate inside the hospital I used to work in about what we should call the people we cared for. Client? Customers? Patients? Users? Service Users? So I asked - in front of everyone there - one of the people who was there. He replied that you could call him what you wanted so long as got the food he wanted and enough of it.

    There are things that matter and things that do not. What Obama said does not.

  9. @raincoaster - Well he most definitely isn't that. Rofl.

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