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obama or mccain

  1. who do you vote for obama or mccain i vote for obama and i think mccain is dumb i agree with all of obamas things that hes going to change and my school voted 229 for obama and 119 for mccain that proves this whole new jersey area is going to vote more of obama then mccain as i was saying in this forum tell wordpress people who you vote for

  2. pornstarbabylon

    I wanted Hillary Clinton but had to settle with Obama. Obama won! He won in a landslide in the electorate vote. Over 330 with McCain around 150.

  3. Obama rocks!

    Flash News

    Ex Obama's house in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been sold only 2 days ago for IDR 150,000,000,000. That is around USD 15,000,000.

  4. my dad went on this website election website and in new jersey well it showed nj well for nj it was blue that ment obama won in new jersey and 81 votes for obama and 39 for mccain i knew obama would win hes nice to us all well thats what i think

  5. Berry Suntoro won the election.

  6. whos berry suntoro i know obama won but whos berry suntoro i know joe biddin hes vice whatever its called

  7. Berry Suntoro is Barrack Obama's Indonesian name. He's lived in Indonesia so he's got an Indonesian name.

  8. oh oh oh i didnt know baba lives in indonesia

  9. I boxed them both in an exacta. Took the libertarian underneath in my trifecta.

    Holy...yella, is that you? Lookig good there, buddy! :-)

  10. thats london tipton from the show the sweet life of zach and cody its not her real face and finally someone replied to my forum it took three days then someone finally replied that someone is you

  11. London Tipton? I've got a 4-year-old so I actually get this reference. I believe you mean "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior" aka Brenda Song. :-)

  12. yeah brenda song its weird that her last name is song like singing a song lol

  13. I look like Brenda Song, you mean? Who's Brenda anyway?

    Nevermind, we got Google.


    I don't look as stupid her, do I?

  15. nah, yella's got Brenda beat by a mile in my book. :-)

  16. ??

  17. Ah, I see.

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