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Obama Signs Detention Bill NDAA S1867

  1. johnconner1984

    Obama Signs Detention Bill NDAA S1867 find this and other hard hitting articles on from there you can find us on facebook, youtube, and check out our friends, also be sure to follow our blog and subscribe to our rrs feeds. cheers!

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  2. I think NDAA signing is a travesty. Freedom and democracy are nothing more than catch phrases to continue to lull the American public into thinking they're free. We are not free folks! The vast majority of the middle class are disappearing due to the greed and influence of major corporations. They've nullified the 5th Amendment. The American military can detain you without trial for an indefinite period of time if there is (SUSPICION) you (MAY) be associated with terrorists. No. I was very saddened to hear this and also saddened by the fact there are many who will think of this as harmless. It isn't. Interesting they would do it over the New Years holiday while no one looking. Very Sad!

  3. elmsprogressivemedia

    I think this is an erosion of civil rights and it limits freedom of speech.

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