Obambi highjacks my blog!

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    How and why is it possible for the admin of the “Featured Blog” in Politics, Obambi Blog, to hijack my blog and have my posts redirected to this site, “my tags”.truthfulnews.com? I’m not certain how blogs get chosen for the “Featured Blog” spot, but apparently it has nothing to do with integrity of the author. This only happened to my posts after I called him out on his blatant racist spamming of posts, he edited my comments, reposted, then responded telling me “How are things in “X” city?” with an IP address following it.


    Do you have a link to your blog


    yep, didn’t want to get in “trouble” by rain for spamming my blog for attention ;)



    LOL, well if ya had it on your forum profile, nobody would have to ask :P Is the blog that’s doing this a wordpress.com blog? If it is, mark it as spam and give support as much details as possible.


    nah it is the same as in this forum thread https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=28665&replies=8

    “my tags”.truthfulnews.com



    Can you explain where the links to truthfulnews.com are please? The tag links on your blog go to the wordpress.com tag pages as normal. I see no links to that site on your blog.



    Isn’t this the third thread you’ve started in the technical support forum about this guy?


    one example….

    Does Your Vote Matter? | Politics in America | truthfulnews.com/2008/05/17/does-your-vote-matter | IP:

    […] Peak Oil News wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWell according to Hillary & Bill Clinton and their surrogates & advisers, I highly doubt it. Your votes do matter if you are: “the 50 something, conservative, registered democratic voter who is not independent, but not part of the base, and skipped college so they could go straight into teaching, rather than become a casino worker, who votes on domestic issues but not in the primaries or a causcus that isn’t a big state that borders Illinois, that has elected female governors or members of congress that didn’t vote republican in 2004, won’t vote republican in 2008, and didn’t vote for Jesse Jackson in 1984 or 1988 in an all day election, except between the hours of 7 and 7:15pm and that they don’t object to their vote being overturned by super delegates.“ Once you figure out if this is actually you, please raise your hand if your vote matters. Video […] […]

    note “peak oil” at the beginning is one of my “tags” and the IP address after truthfulnews.com is my post address.

    second example…

    Barack Obama » Isreal, Iran & US Relations | barackobama.truthfulnews.com/2008/05/17/isreal-iran-us-relations | IP:

    […] rsinderbrand wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt in response to a well thought out post by Gary Patrick Garry at Obama and Dialogue With “Enemies” Very well put. Sadly, there is a huge Dichotomy in who we can talk to without knowing and who we must support without questioning. Speaking out against the US Israeli lobby’s de facto “we can do no wrong, don’t question our actions” brands you a Nazi sympathesier. The atrocities of the past are never far from the perceptions of the present and the “right” to offer objective dissent or tempe […]

    Not Spam — May 17, 2:38 PM — [ View Post ]

    note: “rsinderbrand” is I have no idea who this is, but the text following it is all mine. the site it is at is “my tag name [barackobama]”.truthfulnews.com

    any comment made on this guy’s [obambi.wordpress.com] site is edited from what I actually typed.

    judge as you will



    borealdreams, where did you see that stuff? What is the connection to obambi.wordpress.com?

    barackobama.truthfulnews.com (and probably all of truthfulnews.com) is nothing to do with WordPress.com. It’s an automated scraper site – they illegally copy content from real blogs and repost it with ads to make money.



    this guy is a jerk. We run obambi blog. This guy borealdreams keeps spammimg and harrassing us. Now we seethis and he is trying reach for anything. Insane. Dude get a life.


    Obambi, thanks for revealing who you are. Since you’ve dropped by, would you please remove my article which you scraped? Last time I checked, my name ain’t Kandylini.



    Oh and here’s my exact article which you scraped:




    If you see anything copied there of yours, let us know. Until then that site – like many others – is just saying what they believe.


    Hey Mark, I just sent a support request a few minutes ago. Is there a way to delete my most recent comment on this thread. I got confused.


    Okambi, I completely misunderstood this thread. I’m furious over this blog scraper and confused what you said into you’re saying that you were the author of the scraping site.



    diamondfistwerny – done. I think I got the right one?


    Thank you. I feel badly. I wish there was a way to edit something after we type it. Like a window of time for correction. I completely misunderstood the flow of things. I was scraped, but have no evidence that Obambi is the scraper, other than what I got out of this confusing thread. My apologies.



    Hey no problem, I get that alot, the scrapers get my blog entries as well.

    Some articles are emailed to us but we provide credit to all and ask for permission.

    In addition, I was also confused. I thought, you were talking about

    That guy HANS who runs http://borealdreams.wordpress.com/, has been writing spoof articles about us for some reason and I was talking about him being the jerk, not you diamondfistwerny.



    Ah you don’t like it? Will you cry Vanilla? Poor baby can spread lies and innuendos, but can’t take it? Can’t even take comments to disprove the articles he posts without editing the author’s intended meaning or deleting them all together.

    It’s been a few days since Obambi has got any hits, it was my most popular post for quite some time.

    It has as much validity and truth as the average post by Obambi, but actually has some humor in it unlike his.



    And here I thought this whole thread was about splogging. But, it seems I got spoofed by a personal vendetta. Don’t appreciated being pawned, and don’t think the forums are the place to do it. When a thread says, “Obambi highjacks my blog” and then takes about a real splog (truthfulnews); I was expecting facts. Not opinions and in-fighting. Should consider being a little more truthful borealdreams. People volunteer their time here, to help others.

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