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Obscene gesture depicted on Gravatar

  1. Someone Liked one of my posts this morning and his Gravatar depicts an obscene gesture. What are my options? I shouldn't have to turn off Likes for everyone just because of one. And even if I turn them off temporarily, the objectionable one will still be there when I turned them back on. Does Gravatar have any policy regarding the images people use?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Gravatar ratings may be helpful > Dashboard > Settings > Discussion
    scroll way down to Maximum Rating

    I have mine set at G — Suitable for all audiences

  3. I changed the setting about 10 minutes ago and cleared my browser cache. But it's still there.

  4. You're stuck with it, but it could be worse: Gravatar actually allows actual obscenity, not just gestures. It allows porn avatars. If your blog is set to allow all of them, that's what you get. If it's only set to allow G rated, that's what shows. But go to that person's gravatar account and make sure they are rated properly: gestures are generally at max, a PG rating, not an R.

  5. So changing my rating to G won't get rid of the existing obscene Gravatar, but will block any future ones? Or it will only block those properly rated by their owners, meaning I'm completely at the mercy of Gravatar? Not sure I understand.

    I went to the person's Gravatar site and did not see a rating anywhere. I did find a reporting mechanism and have reported it. Meanwhile, I'm stuck having to turn off my Likes to hide it. I'm not happy about that.

  6. That is correct, you are at the mercy of the Gravatar users, but you can always report something that is supposed to be G that isn't. You report it to Gravatar just as you did.

    You can probably turn on Likes again once you have made enough posts to push that one off the front page. Or you could set them to be invisible on the main blog page, only visible on individual post pages.

  7. Gravatars don't appear on my front page. I'm stuck having to turn off the Likes on that post.

    I guess I'm just lucky that in 7 years with WP, I've never run into this problem before.

    Thank you both for the response.

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