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OBSESSED with # of views.

  1. Do you often check your number of views? What is your expectations as far as blog views is concerned? My blog deals with a novel and photos relating to the novel. I do not expect many views but I am obsessed with it. I often check it and then at the stats to see what post I wrote that lured the viewers in.

    Am I the only one? What is the norm for daily views? What are your expectations? How many views makes for a successful blog. My biggest day was 23 and that was a thrill. I'm looking forward to break the 500 views and dream of the 1000. My blog has been up for five months but I have only taken it seriously since May.

    Tell me your views on blog views.

    Trust the music and always dance as if no one is watching!!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Funny, I just referenced this piece in a comment to another blogger. "Obsessed" in my case has real meaning:

  3. It is very common for newbie bloggers to check their stats regularly. In time, you learn to let go. I used to check regularly - many, many times a day. And now I check only twice a day maximum.

  4. I often check, my best day is 100 views but that's because I plastered my blog all over reddit, usually ranges between 15 and 35 views a day, as long as anyone reads though I'm happy

  5. @ ardpete

    What is reddit?

  6. you can publish links to your blog, does tend to help with viewership

  7. THANKS Pete. I'm jumping right now. C'mon 22. 22. All on 22.

  8. Alright Pete. Done deal. I posted on reddit with 502 views on my blog at 10.48 pm eastern daylight time. Something to look froward to when I wake up. I will post the results here.

    I am inspired!!!

  9. It's been an hour since I posted on reddit and I'm at 624 views. 122 views in an hour. wow. It's great but no one is downloading my novel. They are all checking out the picture of the girl dancing with the champagne glass btw her legs.

    Quantity vs quality?

    When it comes to my blog numbers talk and they are up!!!

  10. Jesus that is successful, mine was like that for the first couple of days, if you keep posting links to articles views do go up, I've only just hit 500 views haha

  11. I check my blog stats every time! I write fan fictions and man, i love seeing the numbers rise.

    Since i officially launched, I have hit my 500 mark in just four days, my highest is 153 views.

    But views are nothing when you dont get subscribers. that is somehow more important to me. Kinda answers your quality vs quantity question, views vs subscribers.

    Question: What does reddit do?

  12. Scrape the question i asked.. i saw the previous comment already. LOL

  13. ~~moved to "off topic" forum~~

  14. I check once or twice a day. I just passed 1000 views today, but it's been up and running for over a week now. I would like for people to read since it's an attempt at helping people through my own experiences. I am pleased with it thus far.

  15. @jeyna grace, you are right about subscribers. I'd rather have a constant numbers of subscribers than a slew of viewers but you do need views to get subscribers. I'm off to your blog in a sec.

    What does -moved to @off Topic@ signify?

  16. @lokisarrow - other forums are for technical support, so this was moved here for general discussion.

    @ardpete - OK - based on your recommendation, I've tried Reddit - will let you know!

  17. Reddit users hate me, I only get abused and reported everytime I post a link :S

  18. I will also give Reddit a go!

    Yes, I am slightly obsessed with stats, but as long as I hit at least 1K per month, that will do, ideally 1500+.

  19. Nothing so far, if that is any indication. :((

  20. Reddit seems to be a bit slow today, I atleast get 20 views before being abused. Today I got all of 3 views :/

  21. Hmmm... I think I too will give reddit a try.
    I am at 489 views for all time and I range from 1 to 40 in a day, although 20 is typical.
    Certain posts seem to draw in more of a crowd.

  22. Reddit doesnt help me at all honestly. I tried and i get no views from there. I rather blog surf, make some friends along the way and views/subscribers.

  23. @jeynagrace blog surfing is a good idea. i have been making my way through all of those that have commented on bloggers unite. When I find one with similar interest or one that just blows my mind, I subscribe to it and then I see what works and not and I also are a lot of talented writers out there.

  24. With Reddit...what do you do? Just post a link to your blog? Or the specific post?

  25. @ Mastalife I would post a specific post or a picture that relates to your best posts. When I posted on reddit I stacked the deck in my favor. My blog is a promotional tool where I post photos I used to write my novel.

    I chose the sexiest photo from my blog and added the text, "Girl dancing with champagne glass btw legs." I might not have gotten the viewers i am trying to reach but I did get my views up for the day.

  26. My best day was of 1368. I generally get 5-6k visitors monthly.

  27. Oh I see! Well good idea because YES, that would draw people in for sure.
    I posted 2 different links yesterday but I don't know if they have done anything yet.
    I tried posting one under funny and one under

    It's a good idea though to post stuff on that site. Thanks!

  28. Guys! A new theme Chapters is coming. Yay!

  29. i check maybe 4 times a day, usually get anywhere from 50-100 views

  30. Haha, I am obsessed too.

    Yesterday I got 1,059 views!!!


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