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OBSESSED with # of views.

  1. @teamoyeniyi...WOW. that is a milestone. Mine is one thousand and i am 135 views away from achieving that. The little things that keep us going.

  2. It is all a matter of magnitude. You are eyeing off my number, I'm eyeing off the ones with 100,000 and they are eyeing off the ones with 1,000,000! LOL

  3. @teamoyeniyi, Wow, I am impressed and well done on all those zeros although I am aware of what you had to go through to get them. And with good results, well deserved!

    As for mine - I have no idea! I retired to a mental hammock some time ago and simply stopped looking. Mind you, I have almost stopped blogging . . .

  4. Thanks Pattikuche.

    Writer's block? Hope your inspiration returns!

  5. I hit 2000 today. I was so happy to see that, especially since I cant post every day like I was. Tomorrow will be 1 month since I started my blog!

  6. @teamoyeniyi 30,000 sounds like a good milestone to me.

    I had gotten to the point when stats weren't as important, when I had to take a little "vacation" from my blog and the stats went into the toilet. Now I'm trying to work back up and the stats have started to really matter again.

    They've crept back up to 100 for the posting days, but I want the 200 mark back. Time to get to work and maybe change themes. I feel the need to simplify.

  7. congrats nickelbeck!!!

  8. @momfig - I did a little test of my theme by turning off the slider. Then I turned it back on again - funnily enough, the stats have increased a bit since - but you never know what else is going on in the readers' world, so it could be co-incidental.

    Since the Royal Wedding I think I lost obssession status! LOL Stats really never recovered fully after that!

  9. @nickelbeck That's great! I didn't see that because I was posting at the same time. :-)

    @teamoyeniyi I'm still hoping summer (in the U.S.) is partly to blame. Maybe our recent fluctuations have more to do with people returning to the work/school routine.

    BTW, I'm 1 hit away from 19,000 after 7 months of blogging.

  10. Hopefully I just gave you 19,000!!!

  11. @Pattikuche You better not quit! I love Nylon Daze.

  12. Hmmm, not yet. I've always wondered how long it takes for wordpress to process clicks. At least I know it will be 19,000 when I wake up in the morning. Ah, crikey. I have to wake up in 3 1/2 hours. Good night!

  13. Thanks!

    @teamoyeniyi: 30,000 is a great milestone! Good luck on that!

    @momfog: 19,000 is awesome too! One day I will have that. :)

  14. @Momfog - 19,040 when I just checked yours now! So you made it with some to spare! Congratulations!

    @Nickelbeck - thank you!

  15. I haven't even looked at mine until I read this post!! LOL I am new at this and that was not on my mind. Now I am curious!! Gee, thanks a lot! :)

  16. @frawgsdill - you will have reason to hate us all in due course! LMAO You were safer when you didn't look!!! You have now opened Pandora's box.

  17. any other comments?

  18. this blog is starting to reach new heights, where lokisarrow was intending to be! globo looking for blog friends here and now please introduce yourself and start the ball rolling. I am obsessed with the # of views

  19. [unwarrantedsmugness]i581 hits TODAY!!! as of 5.30pm local time) [/unwarrantedsmugness]

    The trick is to post something so annoying to someone that they leave a comment that libels someone famous, then email the famous person for their feedback. That worked for me anyway. My previous highest hit count was 133, yesterday. I wasn't all that bothered about the number of hits, but today I'm reloading the stats page every few minutes!

  20. 1583 now!

  21. The withdrawal symptoms when my blog gets back to normal traffic will be horrendous!

  22. YAY! 30,017 hit!

    OK - I am officially no longer obsessed until I get to 49,500. :)

  23. Congrats teamoyeniyi!

  24. 49,500? Now that is definitely an odd milestone to be looking for. Not 50,000? :-)

    @neitshade tsk. tsk. Wish I'd thought of it.

  25. LOL @ Momfog! No, I will become obsessed again at 49,500 waiting for the magic 50,000! LMAO

    Yes, I'm wondering who I can libel too - clearly I've been too accurate about our Immigration Minister!

  26. 5500 for me :D

  27. Thanks Nickelbeck!

    Congrats Sami116!

  28. I am glad I am not the only seems there are some people on these forums that anytime you mention stats and site views look down on that and have snarky things to say about it! I dont feel so alone in this now, YEAH!

  29. When I started this topic I mentioned that I dreamed of hitting a thousand views. I've cleared that hurdled today and I've had a good number of book downloads which is the goal of my blog. Thanks for the support and the views and the reviews on amazon!!!

  30. Congratulations lokisarrow!! Well done, especially on the book downloads!

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