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Obsession with a healthier lifestyle - possible blog

  1. Okay so I'm considering starting a secondary blog to my original on here for planning my wedding. I wanted some feedback before I started it, I already have another blog about my novel-writing over on blogger and I don't know that I want to "waste" time updating a third blog if no one would truly be interested. I figured health and fitness kind of goes hand in hand with getting married. Every bride and probably groom wants to look their best before the "big day". I was considering putting in small recipes, I promise they won't taste like chewing on cardboard, and perhaps some of my fitness routines that I use. I wouldn't dare guarantee that they would help you be healthier or even lose weight, but I know when I follow my strange routine I feel a lot better. I am by not means a fitness or health fanatic just a normal person who thought some of her ideas might help others start a healthier lifestyle. So what do you guys thing a go or no go?

    The blog I need help with is

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