obstacle when doing change of address on google webmaster

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    I recently switched from postpoverty.wordpress.com to postpoverty.com.

    Before I made the switch, I verified the former web property on google webmaster with a meta tag.

    After making the switch, I added the new web property to google webmaster and it requested I verify it with a new meta tag.

    Now, in order to do a change of address for my google search listings from (pp).wordpress.com to (pp).com, google is asking that I re-verify my ownership for (pp).wordpress.com with a new meta tag.

    But I cannot change the meta tag on the old property from my dashboard. I can only change the meta tag for my new address, and the wordpress.com address is fixed with the old meta tag.

    So google now says I haven’t verified ownership of postpoverty.wordpress.com at all, and I can’t do a proper change of address.

    I would love some input here.

    The blog I need help with is postpoverty.com.

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