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Obtaining a deleted blog domain name

  1. I got confused about the difference between and, and in confusion I deleted my treasured blog domain, llkart. Is there any way at all to get it back? I'm new at this and am feeling regret at deleting it.

  2. does exist. Is that the blog you mean or not?

  3. also exists. Is that the one in question?

    Please just post the URL.

    Deleted blog URLs are not recycled, regardless of who registered and deleted them and no exceptions are made.

    However, you can register another blog with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain via a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.

  4. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.

    To prevent accidental or inadvertent deletion of blogs, there are multiple warnings given that blog deletion is permanent. Lastly, a verification link is sent in an email and must be clicked to delete a blog. If you clicked it and the blog was deleted it's game over.

  5. Sorry I was talking about my username. I had the Username llkart and stupidly deleted it. Sorry for the confusion on my part!

  6. You cannot delete a username account. Your username is still lllkart but your deleted the matching blog and you cannot get it back.

  7. Thanks for all of your help, seems like theres no chance of getting it back.

  8. You've helped me out so much! I'm really sorry for getting so confused..

  9. That's correct and that's why multiple warnings are given and a verification link is sent in an email that you have to click to delete any blog.

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