Obvious case of DMCA abuse

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    I am writing this because I encountered a very weird problem with one of my articles http://optimvs.wordpress.com/2011/11/16/zoso-hipsterul-care-uraste-hipsterii/ which was taken down due to a fake DMCA notification. Despite my best efforts I was unable to get any support whatsoever via e-mail, as the answers received simply did not took into accountt he informations that I provided.

    Here is a brief description of the problems encountered:

    1. Even if the DMCA notice reffered to a single photo, the entire article was taken down (subsequently promptly dissapeared from google and so on)

    2. The fact that the person who filed the DMCA notice used false contact info didn’t mattered a single bit.

    3. The fact that the claim was filed by uploading the photo on the server of the claimand long after (I’m talking years here) my article was posted didn’t made any difference.

    Whoever handled this DMCA request didn’t made any effort whatsoever and simply acted like a machine, even if the situation was crystal clear: someone filed a fake DMCA notice because they didn’t liked the content of my article.

    Please let me know how can this problem be solved. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is optimvs.wordpress.com.



    I’ve flagged this for staff attention.



    Thanks a lot.



    Are you saying that you DO have the right to the photo? Because if you don’t, taking the entire post offline is the correct response by WP.com regardless of how sketchy the copyright holder may be.




    We’ll send you e-mail in a few moments as we only discuss Terms of Service issues privately.


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