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Ocadia Categories Question

  1. talkingbaseball

    Quick question about Ocadia: The categories on my blog appear in a random order on the sidebar. Is there any way to alphabetize them using the Ocadia theme?

  2. Ditto, it's the way the author of the theme designed it. They're actually in the order you've added them into the database I believe.


    Either remove all of your catagories and readd them back into the system, but in alphabetical order this time.


    We could bug the author of the theme for a code fix....

    I use the theme as well and it bothers me that the author made the links in order but not the catagories.


  3. talkingbaseball

    Thanks, drmike. I guess I'll just learn to live with it. I'm not going to delete and re-add all of my categories every time I add a new one. It's just not worth it. Maybe we'll get a fix at some point.

  4. Theme authors like feedback by the way. You could always tell them how much you love their new theme....

    ....except for one little annoying bug. :)


  5. We could bug the author of the theme for a code fix....

    Quick note that it appears that the author is no longer blogging so I guess that contacting her won't be an option.

    I'm sending in a feedback though. While I like that the theme actually puts the subcategories under their father categories, it's still out of order.


  6. This is my only pet peeve about this theme. Other that, I love it!

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