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Occasionally don't receive comments email

  1. I have noticed it on occasion (maybe 3 times so far) that I don't receive an email when I receive a new comment. This hasn't been on just one post or at the same time of day.

    The email address I use is gmail and I've received comments notification before and after the comment.

    It's also comments from different people.

    All in all it's not such a big deal at the moment, as I knew who commented on those occasions, but I was wondering what the problem is?

  2. It's the internet and some times things aren't perfect and don't work the way they're suppose to.

    Seriously. :)

    You may want to check your spam folders to see if the message wound up there though. that occasionally happens as well.

  3. This happened to me a couple of times within the last week. Can't find it anywhere (no even spam). The only way I caught it was because I have email notification of my comments feed. Since it hadn't happened before this week, I figured it was a temporary glitch.

    The problem did not cross my personal "got to send in a feedback" threshold but will do so if advised.

  4. I don't know if staff would be able to track it down either. First place I would look would be the mail logs for the server to see what's occuring when an attempt to send an email is made.

    That's probably a huge file...

  5. I agree with carocat. No big deal. I'm still rolling with the "temporary glitch" theory but drmike, I appreciate you coming up with a place to look.

    Two missing ones out of hundreds of received messages is still pretty good odds in my book. ;)

  6. I'm actually waiting to have someone raise this issue on my own WPMu install. I can get access to my own log files but have no back end access here. I have some ideas on teh subject but without knowing the backend setup here, there's not a whole lot I can go on.

    I'll send in a feedback though and point staff to this thread.

  7. Yeah, I mean I'm not worried, I jsut find it odd. And no, it's not in my spam folder. Good that it's not just me though. :)

    Cheers drmike for your help. Always appreciated. :)

  8. Well, I've received all the mails for the comments that 'got lost' in the last 10 hours. So it's all sorted really, just a 'slight' delay. :)

  9. Just like carocat, all my notifications are now present. :)

  10. It's been a while since this has happened and I made this thread.

    Anyways, I had 4 comments in the last 6 hours and only received one notification email.

    2 of the comments were on this post and one on this one. Each comment is by a different person who have commented in the past and I received the email for them on all their previous comments.

    Has anyone had that same problem? Again, as I've said before, it's not really such a big deal, however 3 times in one day makes me think that there may be a problem.

    And I've had some problems with commenters in the last few days, so I would really like to see people's IP/email addresses.

    EDIT: I've changed the thread to 'not resolved'. I hope that's ok.

  11. Hmm... I'm not getting them either.

    I thought gmail was being silly because I've been having trouble with getting email from Berkeley today.

    But I guess everyone's having trouble with Berkeley and now WordPress.

    So Google's off the hook.

  12. I've had 3 comments since making that post and received 1 email.

    2 of the comments were by the same person and I received one of the emails.

    So far:

    This post about Harry Potter received 3 comments, but I only got one email.

    This post about AvenueQ received 1 comment, no email.

    Thsi post about internet awareness recveived received one comment, but no email. This is the same commenter that I received the email for on teh Harry Potter post.

    So all in all I've had 7 comments and only 2 emails.

  13. This morning, I've had three comments that I know of but only one email notification from WordPress. I'm with a local service provider, not gmail, and other emails have come through just fine. After testing, it is only the wordpress emails that are not being received - which leads me to wonder if they are even being sent by the automated wordpress process? Is the email server sick at WP this weekend? :)

  14. I didn't get the original moderation notices for the last couple comments.

    But the last two I approved I got the second email. So maybe someone kicked the mail server :)

  15. I'm missing a couple of notifications for raincoaster, but since the comments are in threads that I DID get emails for, it's no biggie. Wonder if it's related to the IP of the commenters?

  16. Add my picture to the wall of folks not getting e-mail notifications. I'll report back should the trend continue.

  17. Folks please check your spam folders to see if they're in there. You should also state what email service you're using. Right now, you're just giving zip to go one here.

  18. There is not one single item in my spam folder, which is gmail.

  19. Gmail. Nothing in spam.

  20. I've also noticed the same problem today. At least 2 comment notifications are missing. It's not a big deal, just a tad annoying. I'm also using Gmail and I have nothing in Spam. Occasionally the notifications go to Spam so I check that daily.

  21. I'm still on Gmail and there's nothing in my Spam folder.

  22. I've had this too - I had a bunch yesterday, about 5 or so. They've not been filtered into my spam folder and I'm using BTInternet/Yahoo mail.

  23. Its July 5th, and I am having the EXACT SAME ISSUE. I have a Gmail account, with no wordpress emails on my spam folder and yet these comments are lost somehow.

    They do appear on the page, but I dont get the notification.


  24. Same problem here. I have 'my own' server. Mail normally works on it (e.g. Mediawiki can send mails). Mail is forwarded to my gmail account. Nothing in spam. It's only been an hour or so. Looking forward to a solution...

  25. provoost...

    I have a feeling you're in the wrong place as you mention your own mail sever and your user name is linked to a self hosted blog.

    If you're self hosted you need to be at

  26. Hi! Same problem here :( I have gmail, I didn't get notification for a couple of comments in the last days, and they are deffinetly not in the spam folder.

    Well it's not a big deal, but still it's disturbing...

  27. Let staff know through your Support button when support reopens, whenever that is.

  28. I'll do, thanks ;)

  29. i'm expriencing the same problem, I have 7 comments on my blog and 3 comments I have not been notified. The same thing happened a few days ago too. I have contacted support.

  30. For reference there are now two forum threads going on this same issue
    Moreover it's an issue that can only be resolved by staff

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