Ocean Mist – How to make Drop-down page list?

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    Hi all,

    I wold like to list and access the sub- sheets in a drop-down menu, as like we can see at “Inove” theme.

    Is it possible to make using “Ocean Mist” Theme?


    The blog I need help with is arqurbdesign.wordpress.com.


    iNove is the only theme at wordpress.COM with drop down menus. There is no way to add that capability to the other themes.

    I understand that Sandbox 1.6.1 supports drop down menus, but it requires a ton of CSS knowledge to style since it is a blank canvas.



    Thanks a lot.
    I will try ti do something here.



    Hey, check out what I am doing there. Iwill be pleased to receive your comments.


    Very impressive. I’m going to have to study your CSS to see exactly how you did this.



    Nicely done!



    Hi, i don’t want my categories be placed in the bottom. Can anyone help me on this.


    The categories can be hidden with the paid CSS upgrade if you have some CSS editing experience, but the gray-ish title bar with “categories” in it cannot. That is controlled with the titles for the posts and pages, so hiding one hides them all.

    What you can do is just ignore the categories at the bottom of the page and put the categories widget in the sidebar.



    Wow arqurbdesign,
    that is really impressive what you have done with the ocean mist template. I just opened an account with wordpress.com and have started using ocean mist. its functionality appears somewhat limited: my main complain was the lack of drop down tab options. As well, my page does not seem to allow more than 5 tabs. Is the maximum allowable for ocean mist/wordpress?

    Any tips on your drop down menu success would be greatly appreciated.


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